All I can say is wow!

"This was my first time ever consulting with a doctor online, and I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt throughout the whole process. Absolutely seamless!

Thank you, to everyone with the TellaDermMD staff and to my Physician! I am beyond impressed! I was under the impression the entire time that theywere trying to solve my problems, and not just gain another customer for life. I am very appreciative of that and will be recommending many to this company!"

Sherry A.Santa Barbara, CA


Almost unbelievable

"I went through this process with my daughter two days ago, and received a treatment plan for her acne last night (which was almost unbelievable). I was hesitant to trust an online company, but when my wife and I went through her treatment plan, we realized that it really was customized just for her. Pretty awesome."

Jerrod K.Wenatchee, WA



Finally found a treatment plan that works

"After SO much time spent shelf shopping and visiting multiple derms and skin specialists, I have finally found a treatment plan that works for my crazy sensitive skin."

Katie H.Macomb, IL


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